YYSO Auditions
2023-24 Season Auditions! Currently-enrolled YYSO-YES students and their parent(s) participate in Audition Conferences each spring in preparation for the next season; re-auditioning on one’s instrument is not required. Prospective (new) students audition on their instruments at announced times. Please scroll down for audition requirements. Please see the poster on this page for fall semester audition opportunities. Students also may sign up in advance for an audition: audition sign-up form link here!
Auditions for Prospective (New) Students
Ensemble YYSO YES
Requirements Scales – One major and minor for all
instruments; [Strings: 3 octave scale and demonstrate spiccato; and legato bow
strokes]; [Winds and Brass: 2 to 3 octave
scale and demonstrate fast, slow, legato,
staccato with fast tonguing]
Typically students are through Book 2 of a strings book series. Students can play flats. Cellists know extension positions.
Step #1 Complete the audition form by clicking Here Complete the audition form by clicking Here
Step #2 In-Person Audition 
1 Two scales with up to seven sharps or seven flats (one major and one melodic minor)
2) A solo of choice that best demonstrates your technical and lyrical abilities
3) Sight reading
In-Person Audition
1) Play your favorite scale (up to four sharps or four flats)
2) A short prepared solo
3) Sight reading
Step #3 For violinists interested in auditioning for YYSO Concertmaster: please complete this form. Submit it to the YYSO by email
by the announced deadline.
No step #3 for YES