Onlyfans vs BunnyLeaks. Which platform to choose and why?

Onlyfans and BunnyLeaks are currently two of the favorite platforms for content creators. Through them, digital content creators can monetize their passion and even have the chance to turn it into a full-time job.

At their core, Onlyfans and BunnyLeaks have the same concept. Both involve creating audience subscriptions for artists and influencers using this platform and selling them to fans to earn the right to view exclusive content.

But there are also some notable differences that make one of the platforms more suitable than the other, at least for certain categories of content creators.

Who is the Onlyfans platform for?

Onlyfans was until recently the most popular social platform among content creators. According to statistics, at one time it was used by no less than two million models and more than 100 million users, their fans. But over time, due to changes in the policy of using this platform, a lot of models have started migrating to more practical alternatives that suit them better.

In the beginning, the Onlyfans platform was aimed at all content creators, without discriminating according to the content that each one preferred to create. But over time, it turned into a platform of choice for many celebrities, which led to tightening of its usage policy to meet their expectations and alienating content creators and regular users.

Who is the BunnyLeaks platform for?

Unlike Onlyfans which doesn’t specifically state this, but has become a very selective and difficult platform to use, BunnyLeaks is truly for all content creators, regardless of what they create.

To use the BunnyLeaks platform, all you have to do is sign up on the website, prove you’re an adult, and start creating. And for your effort, BunnyLeaks offers you the guarantee that the posted materials will remain there, on the platform as long as your account exists.

How can you make money using such social platforms?

Most content creators say it’s easiest to generate income using social platforms like Oblyfans and In fact, if we were to make a top, BunnyLeaks is actually the best choice, especially for those who want to post material suitable for mature audiences.

Unlike social platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, with which you can earn money, but not directly through the platform, but by signing collaboration contracts with different brands and companies, with and Onlyfans you can adopt a more proactive approach, being you the person who sets the rules of the game, how much he charges for each piece he creates and posts, and who decides what his photos, videos and conversations are worth.

Specifically, with these two platforms you can make money primarily by selling subscriptions to your fans, creating content with a very exclusive character for which you can charge additional rates, and of course, charging for each private conversation.

Also, with both platforms you can earn money from referrals. If you recommend onlyfans leaked platform to a friend, also a content creator, and he in turn registers by entering a code that represents you on the platform to prove that he got there on your recommendation, whenever that person creates different materials and earn money from her fans for them, a percentage of 5% of her earnings goes to your wallet. And so, without any effort, you can turn any of these two platforms into a source of passive income. But we must also mention one important thing that differentiates these systems and thus makes one better than the other.

It’s about the period of time you receive this commission. In the case of the Onlyfans platform, you will only get that 5% of the income generated by your friends for a year after they join the platform, which can be problematic considering that some of them may even take a year until they stand out and start generating income. But with you get this benefit for life, which makes this platform more suitable for content creators who want great, long-term results.