2022-23 Season Artwork
2022-23 Yakima Symphony Orchestra Season Art
On the brochure and program cover:
“The Color of Music” by Kate Bowditch
Watercolor 2022
Artist’s Statement / About the Artist: I grew up in Idaho, with great freedom to roam the landscape that surrounded me. Since then, I have always preferred to be outside, loving the weather, the views and the animals who live there. Using images from all my travels around the US, South America, China and the British Isles, my artwork reflects the world around and within me. Major developing themes of my work, both acrylic and watercolor: landscapes, weather and sky; the small inhabitants of that land and sky. Ms. Bowditch, currently of Yakima, holds a BFA from the University of New Mexico, with two extra years at the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts, and a MA in Education from the University of New Mexico.