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1917 jules-louis Audemars retired and was succeeded by his son, Paul Louis Audemars, as chairman and technical manager of the board. In 1919, Paul Edward Piguet inherited his father's business and took charge of the company's business division. In 1962, his two daughters also began working in the company. Jacques Louis Audemars then became chairman of the board until 1992. Heuer Watches Replica is still in charge of the family, and the chairman of the board is Audemars Piguet replicas, the daughter of Jacques Louis.

The answer to that question is simple: everybody. What I mean by this is there are two very distinct groups of high-end watch buyers: the collector and the basic "watch lover." The collector is the guy who spent the past 15 years living on TimeZone and the PuristS, the type of guy who hears the name Walt Odets and knows exactly who I'm talking about.

The collector is the type of guy who knows the difference between hand polished and handmade. He has gotten well past the point of arguing about brands and knows enough to talk about individual projects.

He reveres Patek Philippe for what it meant to watches over the last 100 years, understands the importance and appeal of vintage Rolex, but buys just what speaks to him. A watch lover, on the other hand, is someone who might be a little newer to high-end watches, and is still very brand conscious. He can be easily swayed by ambassadors, retailers, and advertising. Both buy watches from replica Audemars Piguet, but likely different models, and certainly for different reasons.

In 1875, two young talents JulesLouis with EdwardAuguste Audemars piguet replica = in the birthplace of the Swiss watchmaker, art, hand in hand to create a watchmaker, brilliant career, in 1881 officially registered "Audemars Biguet & Cie" heuer watches replica table factory, from then on, a classic legend in international express altar.