16-17 YSO Teaching Artist Program

Inspired by the Venezuelan El Sistema model, Yakima Yakima Music en Acción (YAMA) fosters the essential cognitive and social skill development of Yakima’s children and youth through intensive, ensemble-based musical programming. Through high-quality music learning and regular performance opportunities, Yakima children and youth develop skills to promote and sustain their own academic and social success, while simultaneously enhancing community vibrancy and civic engagement through their positive community participation. Based at Garfield Elementary School in Yakima and expanding this year to A. C. Davis High School, YAMA started as a community partnership of OIC of Washington, the Yakima School District and the Yakima Symphony Orchestra (YSO), with each organization providing critical support and services toward the YAMA mission. Entering the 2016-17 season as an affiliate program of the YSO en route to becoming an independent non-profit entity, YAMA employs its own administrative staff and Teaching Artists; in addition, the Symphony provides YSO Teaching Artists from our symphony roster, ensuring that highly-trained performing artists with professional symphonic credentials and experience play a consistent role on the YAMA teaching faculty. Through high artistic standards and a strong and dependable work ethic, YSO Teaching Artists serve as mentors and role models for YAMA students, using the artistic and social networking capital of the YSO to enhance the scope and impact of the program beyond the schools and neighborhoods in which the program primarily operates. Other teachers and resources for YAMA are funded through the Yakima School District, grants and generous donations from our community members. [Photo by Gary Miller]

For information on how to support the YSO’s Teaching Artist program, call our office at (509) 248-1414. For additional information about YAMA, please visit www.yamamusic.org.

The Yakima Symphony Orchestra gratefully acknowledges the following sponsors for their generous support of this program: