Affiliate: Yakima Youth Symphony Orchestra

Our Orchestras: Established in 1965, the Yakima Youth Symphony Orchestra (YYSO) gives student musicians ages 8-21 an opportunity to play music in a full symphony orchestra. Participation is by audition; students pay tuition to support operational expenses. Students from throughout the Yakima Valley rehearse weekly under the direction of Bruce Walker. Musical rigor is high; musicianship expectations also are high with strict attendance requirements and adherence to professional standards of conduct. The YYSO facilitates the Yakima Ensemble for Strings (YES!) under the direction of Christy Baisinger to provide younger string players a similar symphonic opportunity

Rehearsals and Performances: YYSO and YES rehearse on Monday evenings. YYSO rehearses from 6:30-8:30pm. YES rehearses from 6:30-7:30pm. Concerts occur on Sunday afternoons/evenings. The annual fundraiser is held on a Saturday evening. For details, please explore our calendar. 

For information about the YYSO and YES! please visit Note: The YYSO website is currently off-line.
At this time you may contact the youth symphony via the YSO CONTACT US form or via

Helpful Links:
Link: YYSO-YES 2019-20 Calendar (updated 8/19/2019)
Link: YYSO-YES Registration Form (for students who have auditioned and been admitted)
Link: YYSO-YES Student Handbook 
Link: YYSO Concert Attire Guidelines
Link: YYSO-YES Student Financial Assistance Request Form: please request via email (
Link: YYSO Concerto Competition Form 
Link: YYSO-YES Parent Volunteer Policy and Link: YYSO-YES Parent Volunteer “Opt-Out” Policy and Form
Link: Benefits of Youth Symphony
Link: Youth Symphony Brochure 
Auditions for the 2020-21 Season: Please check back for updates of timing and details.

Interested in auditioning for the YYSO or YES? Send an email to us at and let us know the:
1) Name of student
2) Name of parent
3) Email address of student (high school age and above, if student has an email address)
4) Email address of parent
5) Telephone number of student (high school age and above, if student has a phone number)
6) Telephone number of parent
7) Grade in school in the 2019-20 (current) season
8) Instrument
9) Number of years playing this instrument
10) If student is taking private lessons, please list the name of the teacher.

Yakima Ensemble for Strings (YES!) Auditions (all sessions) – Minimum requirements for participation are:
1) Typically students are through Book 2 of a Strings Book Series.
2) Students can play flats.
3) Cellists know extension positions.
4) The audition will consist of playing scales, a short prepared piece and sight-reading.
Yakima Youth Symphony Orchestra (YYSO) Auditions – Returning and NEW Potential Students: Requirements for participation are: 
1) Scales: One major and minor for all instruments
    – Strings: 3 octave scale and demonstrate spiccato and legato bow strokes
    – Winds and Brass: 2 to 3 octave scale and demonstrate fast, slow, legato, staccato with fast tonguing
2) Required Etude(s): follow this link to the Etudes
3) Solo of choice that demonstrates technical and lyrical ability (you may choose two different pieces)
4) Possible sight-reading
5) Violinists interested in auditioning for Concertmaster: please see the folder in the link for special concertmaster materials

2019-20 Yakima Youth Symphony Orchestra Governing Committee
Chair: Betsy McCann
Vice Chair, Auditions/Rehearsals/Performances: TBD
Secretary: Krista Dominguez
Treasurer: Rosalinda Ibarra
Coordinator – Fall Fundraiser:
Coordinator – Spring Fundraiser:
Member: Marianne Ball
Member: Tiffany Chapman
Member: Britteny Grow
Member: Jeff Gu
Member: Amae Merrill*
Member: TBD
Member: TBD
* denotes YSO Board Affiliate Liaison