2019-20 Concert, Event and Other Updates
2019-20 Concert, Event and Other Updates
Thank you for supporting the YSO! Your support is more important than ever as we work to support our musicians – many of whom derive their principal income solely from live performance opportunities – and preserve the viability of live orchestral music in central Washington through this challenging time in our world. You can give a gift of any size by clicking here or by contacting us at info@ysomusic.org or 509-248-1414.

If you are holding tickets for the March 21 concert (Scheherazade & Other Remarkable Women), April 18 concert (String Fever), May 9 concert (Villalobos Brothers), or May 30 concert (Beethoven Bash), here are options for your tickets: 

  • Convert to Donation: We encourage you to convert your ticket purchase into a donation to our annual fund, which will help cover costs already incurred around these programs. If you purchased your ticket after July 1st, the additional $1 Patron User Fee will be donated to the Capitol Theatre (you will receive a separate acknowledgment from the the theatre).
  • Exchange for Voucher: You may exchange your ticket for a ticket voucher which can be used in the same price section for any upcoming Classical Series subscription concert in the 2020-21 season, subject to availability.
  • Refund Request: If there is not an upcoming concert that you would like to attend, and if you prefer not to make a donation, we can provide a refund of your ticket.

Please email the YSO at info@ysomusic.org. We will send you an acknowledgement email to confirm we received your email.

Please provide this information:

  • First and last name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Seat numbers (if you have them handy)
  • Concert(s) this request is about (March 21 and/or April 18 and/or May 9 and/or May 30)
  • Which option you are requesting for your tickets (Convert to Donation, Exchange for Voucher, Refund Request)
You also may call our office [509-248-1414] and leave us a voice message. We will contact you to confirm we received your message.