Symphony Posters

In partnership with gifted artists in our community, the YSO has created posters since 1981.

Posters: $30, tax included, at concerts or via the YSO office (509-248-1414 or Posters may be shipped. Please inquire about shipping costs (additional charge).

Posters currently available: 2012-2013, 2014-2015, 2015-2016, 2017-2018, 1971-2021 50th Anniversary Season. 

Season Artist Last Name  Artist First/Middle Name Poster Description
1981-1982   Adams Leo Boy, Chair, Flowers
1982-1983 Schmidt Diana Quilt
1983-1984 Fletcher Marguerite Olson Landscape
1984-1985   Robertson Bill Donaldson Vase of Flowers
1985-1986   Holtzinger Felicia Melero Symphony Outdoors
1986-1987   Fairbanks Dixie Parker Vase of Flowers
1987-1988     Cider Press
1988-1989 Carpenter Margaret Winter
1989-1990 Tosch Mary K. Apple/Asparagus
1990-1991   Heilman Duane Orchard
1991-1992   Smith Linda Six Small Scenes
1993-1994 Bowker Ann Woman, Bird
1994-1995   Tayer Delma Cowboys
1995-1996  Adams Leo Sunflowers
1996-1997   Summer Randall Pear
1997-1998 Otto Elizabeth Cello
1998-1999   Coleman Heidi Lewis Basket of Tulips
1999-2000 Kooser Phil Landscape
2000-2001 Brennen Bill Barn
2001-2002 Holtzinger Felicia Melero Arabian Nights
2010-2011   Brennen Bill   40th Anniversary, Violin
2012-2013 Soto Murphy Consuelo Pear Orchard, Doublebass
2014-2015 Gilbert Barbara Smith Heavenly Thoughts
2015-2016 Ries LeAnne The World of Shakespeare
2016-2017 Dean Sandra A Musical Journey Through Time
2017-2018 Arreguín Alfredo A Musical Voyage Around the World
50th Anniversary Season Poster
Hahn Cheryl H. Palm Springs #1
2022-2023 Bowditch Kate The Color of Music