Season Artwork

2018-19 Yakima Symphony Orchestra Season Artwork

The 2018-19 Season Artwork is an excerpt from Yakima, Tierra Sagrada, an outcome of the friendship between sister cities Yakima, Washington, USA and Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico. In May 2015, visual and musical artists were brought to Yakima to share the culture of Mexico. As part of this celebration, the Larson Gallery at Yakima Valley College (YVC) welcomed artist José Luis Soto. Mr. Soto led a group discussion on what Yakima means to those who live here. He wrote a poem inspired by this discussion and, working with YVC art instructor John Bissonette, students and members of the community, created a 7 feet tall by 15 feet wide mural based on the poem as part of the YVC Latin Music Celebration. Musicians from Yakima and Morelia collaborated to set the poem to music, which they played during the celebration’s Grand Finale Concert at the Capitol Theatre. Yakima, Tierra Sagrada is part of the Larson Gallery Guild’s permanent collection. Soto’s visit was made possible through the Yakima-Morelia Sister City Association and the 2013-2018 Title V Hispanic Serving Institution Cooperative Grant with Heritage University. Artwork courtesy of Yakima Valley College and the Larson Gallery.

Yakima, Tierra Sagrada

Yakima es un lugar de contrastes,
Es un lugar pequeño, de calor y de frío
De orgullo y pertenencia
De alegría,
Rodeado del verde de la naturaleza,
Un valle rodeado de montañas sagradas,
Lugar para familias
Que representan diferentes culturas,
De agrigultores y de campesinos…
Yakima es hogar,
Es familia,
Es de una belleza sencilla
Y sin igual,
Es divertida,
Ciudad hermana
De Morelia señorial

Yakima is a place of contrasts
A small place, hot and cold,
Proud and with ownership
A Happy Place
Surrounded by the green of nature
A valley of sacred hills
A place for families
That represents different cultures
Of agriculture and farm workers,
Yakima is home
Is family

Is simple beauty
And without equal
Is fun
Sister city
Of lordly Morelia