Season Artist

2016-17 YSO Season Artist: Sandra Dean
Artist’s Statement
A Musical Journey Through Time

16-17 Artist Sandra Dean (for program book)My work as an artist has always focused on illuminating the invisible—the mysterious and mostly hidden component of every subject that is always alive. My background as a natural science and medical illustrator has only enhanced my understanding of the many parallels that exist in the growth patterns of “micro” and “macro” worlds. I apply this intuitive deep vision to landscapes, studies based on the plant world and abstract compositions inspired by music.

I grew up in the small eastern Washington town of Kennewick, where I started playing the violin as a fourth grader in a public school setting. I will always be grateful to my first violin teacher, Mr. Victor Sands, who recognized and believed in all of my talents and encouraged me to include music study and appreciation as an ongoing part of my life.

Working as a visual artist representing the Yakima Symphony Orchestra (YSO) for the 2016-17 season is an ideal way for me to combine both my artistic and musical skills in service to an organization that is actively dedicated to making inspiring live music programming accessible to everyone—regardless of background—in much the same way that Mr. Sand’s kind and patient musical direction opened up new worlds for me. 

My mixed media painting, “Passage,” chosen by the YSO to illustrate this year’s theme of “A Musical Journey through Time,” is part of a large, interrelated series of artworks collectively titled Illuminated Chaconne, inspired by Johann Sebastian Bach’s iridescent masterwork for solo violin, the Chaconne from the Second Partita in D minor. Using the design foundation of an expanding spiral galaxy, the paintings of Illuminated Chaconne follow life’s passage through recurring cycles of change, as it continually builds new forms from the seeds and structures of the past.

For more information about my paintings and Bach’s Chaconne, please visit my web site Gallery page.

Sandra M. Dean, Visual Artist
Seattle and Tieton, Washington

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